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Members pay subs to cover the cost of the rehearsal room, hire of music etc. Subs are £60 per year paid from September or £20 per term. If you pay after 31 December the full yearly rate is increased to £65. There is a 75% reduction offered to full time students. Student rates will therefore be £15 full rate and £5 termly.


Since the 2006 AGM we have adopted a constitution and now have charitable status. This means we are able to claim tax back on fees paid by UK tax payers.

Committee Governance

The orchestra is a democratically run club. Each year a committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) , which is open to all members. The committee is made up of officers with responsibilities for administration, publicity, finance, etc, and representatives from each of the main sections of the orchestra. The Leader and Conductor are also members of the committee.

Following the elections at the AGM in October 2022, the current list of committee members is as below: -



  Stephen Foster - Chairman 

  Gillian Butcher - Secretary 

  John Bean - Conductor 

  Zosia Cocker - Leader 

  Susan Tarrant - Treasurer 

  Sue Ford - Librarian 

  Richard Mee - Concert Manager 

  Rachel Edgecombe - Strings Representative 

  Ruth Neiland - Wind Representative

  Alex Coady - Media 


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